Our Story


Welcome to Cebelle Skincare!  My name is Bea Novak and I founded Cebelle Skincare because I couldn't find anything on the market that worked for my skin.  The birth of my first born affected my skin and changed it forever.  Whatever changes happened to my skin DNA after my pregnancy I will never know, but I do know that my skin was never the same.   Not only did I develop skin sensitivities but also allergies and allergic reactions ensued to certain products, or ingredients and unimaginable breakouts.  I hid home for days because my complexion was horrific.

As a chemist, and the investigative mind, I began the unrelenting journey to finding what worked and what didn't work for me.  At first, it was solely to help myself, however, during the research, I realized that just like we can develop food sensitivities, we can also develop skin sensitivities and I wasn't the only one.  The reason I was suffering from skin breakouts, itchy and blotchy skin was due to the poor quality of ingredients found in many products I was using.  The fillers, buffers and other types of unnecessary impurities that we may find in products are the reasons for those sensitivities and break outs.  It's our skin's way letting us know that something isn't right.

Cebelle Skincare was born out of my love of chemistry and making skincare products.  First at home for myself, then as compliments and requests for samples began to roll in, it was obvious that it no longer was for myself and that I had to share with the world.

Ingredients do matter and so does the way we put them together in a product.  My knowledge of chemistry and how chemical reactions occur is undeniably what separates my products.  We use only the highest quality, pharmaceutical grade ingredients and combine them in a synergistic way to be the most efficacious without irritating.

I hope that our products serve you well and that you too can experience an improved complexion and the confidence that comes from that.  

With much love,